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Whew! Slow Down Life

Everything is moving so fast. I don’t know how to keep up. Dad & I are getting used to being without Mom hate it. The worst part is that we are both the type of person that “goes with the flow” & so choosing where to go or where to eat is difficult because both of don’t really care. Needless to say it can take us all day to choose something, lol. The main thing we both agree on is Mom.

Mother Update

Mom is still in the hospital. The doctor’s still give her less then 10% chance of making it out alive. If she makes it then it will be to a long term skilled care facility. That was not what we (Dad & I) or mom wanted, but if she is willing to do it then I am not going to complain.

She actually seems to be willing to work with physical therapy this time around & she is telling us (mouthing since she doesn’t have the speech valve on the trach tube yet) that she is hungry & wants to drink. So that is wonderful. Yesterday she actually agreed to let them sit her up on the side of the bed. She only sat for a couple of minutes, but she sat up & wasn’t bitchy or fighting with them to do it. This is a wonderful thing.

Though I hate to be pessimistic, I am so afraid that this is just the calm before the storm. I just have this feeling that she is going to move backwards again & if she does move backwards she will give up completely. If she codes out again, the doctors don’t think she will come out of it again. Her heart already has a flutter in it & her lungs & brain already have been damaged. Unfortunately, we don’t know how badly they have been damaged. I am just terrified that my best friend is going to die on me & there is nothing I can do to stop it. I am just taking everything one day at a time & praying that I get to keep her for a little longer. I don’t know what else to do.


I am planning on making hats for myself & possibly to sell, though I doubt if any will get sold cause I will probably give them away, lol. I bought the yarn just because I loved the colors in it. I had no idea what to use it for until I saw the hat on Raverly. Then I knew what it was going to be used for.

If you remember I was going to make a quilt for my double bed out of the colors of Water & Earth. Well, I got four blocks down & just can’t tell myself that the colors go together so I am using the yarn for other small projects.

My Dad bought me two new crochet hooks. They are normal metal hooks from the flat up & bamboo below. Since the bamboo is a thicker handle it doesn’t make my hand cramp when I crochet all day. So far I have a G (4.0mm) & a H (5.0mm). Dad says that as I need other sizes he will get them. These are made by Susan Bates. The only two brands I have access to are Broyle & Susan Bates. I can interchange the use of either brand, though I prefer Susan Bates. I love the thicker handle of my new hooks. :luv: :luv: :luv:

Cross Stitch

I have finally gotten started on Lori’s commission. Frederick has his own place in the galleries now so you can visit him there, lol. I am going to have a hard time letting this one go, I know. Want to know why? This is the design.Clicking on the picture will take you to the gallery page.

So much…

to tell & show you so this is going to be another long post. There is going to be lots of photos also. So sit back and get ready. :p :p

I know this theme isn’t actually “new”, but I was tired of the dark one & the one that I coded up wouldn’t transfer into WordPress so I am just re-using this one until I get another one coded. Though I admit that it will probably will be another one column one again. I just like them since I make really long entries all the time. :hmm:

Since Mom is still in the hospital & she is under an isolation. So I haven’t wanted to work on my cross stitching since most of my projects are using hand-dyed fabrics or floss. You can’t wash those easily without losing some of the colors. So I have been crocheting up a storm. I have a long list of items I want to make for myself & other items I would like to sell, but of course I have to find the time to make all these items, lol. My list of items is as follows:

  • Scarf (Honolulu Scarf – in progress)
  • Queen Size blanket (Water & Earth Blanket – in progress)
  • Shawl
  • Wrist Warmers (like these – Wrist Warmers)
  • Hat – (like April’s here – Slouch Hatl
  • Another Hat – (like Annelies’ here – Puff Stitch Hat)
  • Headbands – (like Cheryl’s here – Headbands)

So as you can see I have lots to crochet. Plus I have to find the money for all of the yarn, lol. But moving on. Want to see what I am currently working on? sure you do.

Water & Earth Blanket

This project is going to take me forever, so I work on it when I want to & take breaks to work on other projects when I get bored. This is going to be a blanket to go on my double bed, but I like them to be very big (I sleep with king size blankets & sheets) so I am using 12 inch blocks. I am estimating that I am going to need about six blocks across and about nine blocks long, but I probably will make it bigger. Though I may go stir crazy in the process, lol.

Honolulu Scarf

We are trying this again. I really need a scarf for winter & so I keep reading that bulky yarn (6) is super quick to crochet with, so I splurged & picked up three skeins of Lion Brand Hometown Super Bulky yarn. Geesh, they were $3 each for only 81yards. I about died. But anyhoo, I choose Honolulu Pink (get the drift I like pink, lol) for my scarf & decided that I would try to make a granny stripe (pattern here: ) thinking that it would be fairly quick. It would be just fine if I wasn’t so bloody picky about the length & width. I like them to be really long & really wide cause I use them as a hood & a scarf at the same time, but I don’t want a hooded scarf, cause sometimes I don’t want or am wearing a hat. I am just plain persnickety. :what: :roll: Anyway, this is how far I have gotten on it & I have probably worked on it for about three hours total in the vehicles.

My Birthday Present

As you all know my birthday was on April 23rd. I bought myself a cross stitch frame that I had been looking at for a while. You can see it here ( I got the standard Z frame with clamp so I can use my Q-Snaps & hoops with it. So far I do like it very much. My father purchased three charts for me also. Wanna see?

Though to be perfectly honest, all I wanted & still want is my mother out of the hospital. Dad also took me to eat at Haruno Sushi Bar & Grill for supper. If you want a fruity sweet wine then you need to try Fuki’s Plum wine, it is simply wonderful. But then I have never had anything at Haruno that is bad.

Well that is about it. I guess I will get back to the coding & graphic work of the new theme. :rock: