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Clan of the Cave Bear

I am going re-review this book & give my thoughts & opinions on it. I know I have reviewed it before & if you have read it & didn’t like it then I just want you to stop & think about it again after you read my review.

The first thing you might want to realize that this book deals with two different species of humans. The Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon humans. The book is a story about the short amount of time that the Neanderthals & the Cro-Magnon shared planet Earth. Mind, that both the Neanderthals & the Cro-Magnon are both humans, but the Neanderthals were the ones that died out & the Cro-Magnon were the ancestors of the humans today. To my knowledge no one know exactly why the Neanderthals died out, but this is Jean Auel’s theory or at least what she thinks is the reason. In the book Neanderthals could only think backward. They remember everything from the beginning of time. But they are unable to think forward. The only way they are able to do anything is if they have done it that way since the beginning. They are unable to evolve & think of new ways to do something. For example, Ayla is Cro-Magnon & she is able to think forward. She can look at something & see a better way to do it, but the Neanderthal or Clan members are unable to do that. So they are at a brick wall in their evolution. There was no where for Nature to take them, they were at the end of their line so to speak. The Co-Magnon humans were able to evolve & continue to grow in knowledge. Durc (Ayla’s Child) was a mix of Neanderthal & Co-Magnon but he was able to think forward. Though we never find out if it helped Broud’s Clan or not. After Ayla leaves the Clan we do not know any more about them.

The status of Clan members were straight forward. The men were at the top because they provided the majority of the food. The women were there to take care of the men & have babies. *yeah, I know. Sexism.* The medicine woman was the highest ranking woman in the Clan. She took care of every member of the clan. She relied on the memories of the previous medicine women before her to treat the illnesses & wounds of the Clan.

A lot of people have a huge problem with the situation of Broud & Ayla. Especially the rape scene in the book. I want to touch on that here. In the Clan women were expected to allow any man to have sex with them anytime they showed the woman a signal. Normally, the men would only show the signal to women that interested them or their mates. Broud chose Ayla because she hated it so much & he could degrade her. Yes, it was rape. I am not disagreeing with you. But in Broud’s mind & to the Neanderthals there was nothing wrong with what was being done. Did they have sex with the females that were underage? No. Did they with their sisters, cousins? According to Auel they did not. Remember this is a work of fiction. Nothing is absolute truth. This is just Auel’s version of it. Though we do not agree with their thinking, the rape did give Ayla her child that she desperately wanted & it gave Durc to the clan. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even in the land of fiction. If Ayla wasn’t raped then she may not have grown strong enough for what was to happen to her later in the series. Remember, Ayla’s spirit totem was the Cave Lion. That baby made Siberian Tiger’s (the world’s largest cat today) look like a baby kitten. This was not a normal totem for a female. In the next book you would read that she raises one from a cub & then rides on its back. That is how big these cats were (makes me want a couple, don’t you?). Since she had such a strong totem, she was warned that her life would be difficult. Please, don’t think that I agree with what Broud did to her, but remember she had Durc from the rape. In her opinion, it was worth it to get Durc. Though I don’t think it would be worth it at all. Jean Auel once said in an interview that Durc was Ayla’s gift to the Clan. Durc was the only way that the Clan would survive.

I could sit here & spill the beans about what happens in the next four books, but that wouldn’t be very good of me. So I will just sum it up. She meets others like her, gets adopted, makes a very long journey, has some really hot sex, makes a new animal friend, almost mates the wrong man,meets a man-hating woman who rules her camp & then kills her, mates a dreamy man, & has another child. Oh, none of that is in any order so you will just have to read the books to find out where each one of those happens. LOL, I never said I played nice.

The order of the books go:

  1. The Clan Of The Cave Bear
  2. The Valley of the Horses
  3. The Mammoth Hunters
  4. The Plains of Passage
  5. The Shelters of Stone
  6. The Land of Painted Caves – released on March 29, 2011 :ohh: :ohh: :ohh:

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about the new book. I can’t wait to see what Jean Auel has in store for Ayla. I know that I will be getting the book in ebook form & I believe Mom will be getting the hardback version to complete her series. I would imagine that this is the last one though Jean Auel could surprise me & publish another one. I can only hope. :luv: :luv: :luv:

I think for my next review I am going to review Outlander by Diane Gabaldon then Skye O’Malley by Bertrice Small (you want sex, see Bertrice Small’s books). Just realize that this review took me about three weeks to type up, so don’t be expecting them really soon, lol.

Bloody F-in Thieves

EDIT February 19, 2011: My father came home from work this morning with a huge grin on his face. He told me to close my eyes & hold out my hands. He set a rectangular object in them. My mother gasped & I opened my eyes to see my camera case. The stolen camera case, with the stolen camera in it. I asked Dad what happened & he told me that this morning one of his clients came in & picked up his return & asked him if the camera was ours. It seems that his five year old has a set of sticky fingers that they are trying to correct. She picked up my camera & they didn’t realize until they got home two weeks ago. He told Dad that they would have called, but they had been to about thirty other places that day, & his daughter wasn’t telling them where she picked up the pretty blue camera from. Finally this morning she told him that she picked it up where they dropped off the papers & she got a sucker. He apologized for any worrying that had happened. My father told him that it was ok & that we had figured that a client’s teenager took it or something.

I am completely thrilled to have my beloved camera back. :luv: :luv: My mother is going to take the new digital camera as her camera and/or we will use it as a spare one. Dad doesn’t see the sense in trying to take it back since I have already been using it & there is nothing wrong with it. just not up to my standards, though they still don’t know that So all is good & that stress is off of me. Now if I can just get the disability, my mother, the fact that I can’t work, & all the other little things that cause me stress to ease I might actually have a day where I might feel decent. Though I doubt that it will happen, though I wake up every morning hoping. :p

My parents bought me a beautiful Kodak Easyshare C195 Digital Camera for Christmas. I always carry it in my computer bag or my cross stitch/crochet bag. It always gets put back in the bag. Well, I loaned it to my mother & she left it sitting in the GPS case (the case fit it perfectly) that the camera belongs in on her desk at my father’s office. Well, some moran client has stolen my camera. I loved my camera. It had a beautiful focus, high megapixel count, macro ability, & the weight was just right. My parents replaced the stolen one with this,

This GE is not even close to the standard of my Kodak. But my parents were being nice & buying this one to replace the one that was stolen & I am extremely grateful, but I don’t like this one. It is made of plastic, I am afraid I am going to squeeze it to hard & break it. It just isn’t up to my standards. But I can’t tell my parents that I hate the camera cause they spent $50 on the camera. For us that is a lot of money. But what am I supposed to do. With an allowance of $40 a month & that has to buy by crafting supplies. I am unable to earn enough to purchase a different camera. Now that they have purchased this one, if I purchase another one (if I could find the money) I am going to get yelled at for being ungrateful. I don’t know what to do. I was using Dad’s Digital Camera but it is bulky & big. So they thought they were doing me a favor, but it wasn’t. But I can’t tell them that. I started to talk to Mom about it but she got upset right away, so I know that it won’t work to explain that this one isn’t up to snuff. They can’t take it back cause it was on clearance. So I am doing my best to get used to it & having to use if for the next five years. :worried:

Disability & Photos

So as most of you know I have been trying to get on disability. Well, the final decision came in & I was denied. So since I have been denied then I can go back to helping Dad during tax season. Cause I sure can not work in an office besides his. Though I really don’t understand how I got denied when by Missouri law I am unable to drive due to my Non-Epileptic seizures. So I can’t drive. My parents don’t have the time to take me to a job everyday, they have full time jobs also. My father can not afford to pay me a salary either. My pain level, anxiety, exhaustion, and weakness only allows me to do so much. For example, walking from the house to the car which is approximately 1000 yards will wear me out and cause me enough pain that I will pass out. Hmm…that sounds like I can really do a lot of work. Oh, did I mention that my hands will hurt enough to make them curl into claws & fists? I didn’t? Well they do quite often and no amount of rubbing or heat helps them to relax enough to relax them. Take pain killers for the pain. Doesn’t work. I have tried most of them. The only thing that actually worked was the morphine that I was given when I had my gall bladder taken out. That shit was nice. But the side effects are horrible. So I am supposed to figure out how to handle a job with:

  • being unable to drive to & from the job site
  • crippling pain throughout my body
  • mental abilities that are half of what they used to be (I barely remember what day it is sometimes)
  • full blown panic attacks (they feel like you are having an heart attack & you can’t breathe all at the same time)
  • enough anxiety to choke a horse
  • on average the ability to go to work, physically and mentally, maybe two days out of five if I am lucky

So with all of that, I am still, according to Missouri & Federal Government & the Social Security Determinations Board able to work. I don’t know of anyone that would hire me with all of those problems. Do you? I can’t even work from home. All those things happen there too. So I really don’t understand why or where to go from here. Though I do get to talk to my lawyer today. He better have some idea about what is going on.

Moving On….

Last time I posted pictures Carolynne said she missed seeing my cross stitch. So just for her I pulled out my Ink Circles By The Full Moon and completed all but the big moon in the background. Here are the pictures of it.

I hope that is enough for a little bit. Or at least until it warms up a little bit here in MO. My hands hurt too much to do a lot of cross stitching at the moment. So I have been crocheting up a storm. I finished the bag & then started a Pulled Taffy Scarf. I have misplaced my camera & we can’t locate it for the last two weeks. I am afraid someone has stolen it. So half my pictures were on that camera. My parents found another cheap digital camera that isn’t to bad so they got it for me to use until I can find mine or I can afford to pick up another one. But I do have pictures of crochet to show you.

I have completed the scarf & determined that it is to thin. So I will probably be offering it to sell on Amarantine here. I like scarves that are wide enough to use a hat at the same time. So this one is too think & I don’t have the desire to make it wider, lol. Since I don’t really like making tassels, I made peach & teal flat flowers to go one each ends. Personally I think it is quite pretty, but that just maybe me.