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Outlander Reading Challenge

Well, the Diana Gabaldon fans are doing it again this year. There is another Outlander Reading Challenge taking place for 2011. So naturally since the books are some of my favorites. I have to take part in the challenge. Not that it would be that hard for me to read them all. This year The Lit Bitch is the one to host the challenge. Love the name of that site. It is a new site to me, but from what I have read she seems to know what she is talking about, lol. The challenge is simple. Read all seven (7) Outlander books & write reviews on your blog. The time frame is from January 01, 2011 to December 31, 2011 so there is a whole year to read the books & form a review. I imagine it will take me about two weeks to read the books & the rest of the year to write the reviews, lol.

If you would like to take part then you can read about it all at the Outlander Reading Challenge, where everything is listed out for you. I highly recommend this series. It is wonderful. There is a mix of almost all book genres & I honestly wouldn’t put the series in one genre to be honest.

Lots of Crochet

When it is cold & my fingers get cold I can’t cross stitch very easy, so I crochet which still hurts, but since the hooks are bigger then the needles so they don’t hurt as much. So that is why I have been crocheting more then cross stitching. Unless I can keep my hands completely warm for about three hours it hurts too much to cross stitch. But that is ok. I don’t have any commissions at the moment so I can complete the shopping bags that Mom wants, lol.

My Clutch

I actually finished this last week, but I was way to pissed to post it. So without further ado, my completed Clutch.

If you want the pattern that I wound up creating myself tell me & I will be happy to type it up for you. It is really quite simple, but I have to say it makes a very tough piece of crochet fabric. Though I have used my clutch for over a week now I still say it is my favorite. I may even look at creating a new one in different colors, but I am not sure.

Shopping Bags

Mom has decided that she really wants some shopping bags crocheted. Since she doesn’t know how to read a pattern & only knows one stitch (still haven’t figured what you would call it). She uses a yarn over, go through two, then one, then last two. I call it, Mom’s modified Triple Crochet, lol. It was what she was taught when she was a child & it is what I was taught when she taught me to crochet. My high school art teacher was running out of ideas for me (I can’t draw, paint, or write artistically) to do to earn my grades. She wanted something that I didn’t know how to do, but at the same time something that I could do. So we landed on crochet. She opened my eyes to the different stitches in crochet & reading patterns & I have gone a little crazy since. Oh, there are some that I still won’t touch like Amigurumi, I won’t even come close to that one. Though I will grab every free pattern I can to send to my friends, lol. Hee hee, I am getting off topic again.
So I poured through Raverly to find different shopping bag patterns that I could use. I found the Granny Square Market Bag designed by Heidi Sunday (Ravelry link only). Though I know I will be modifying it. Mom wants them to be big. So I am making my squares 15 inches. We have bought the cotton yarn a while ago & it is one that will stripe automatically & I love the colors that it is. I only have tthree pictures so far, but since it is a granny square it is coming together really quickly.

I still have another side & then the bottom & sides of the bag to complete. Then I am hoping to have enough of this color to make another one. But then Mom also is suggesting that she might like to learn how to crochet from a pattern. Kinda dreading & loving the idea of teaching her the stitches.

Scrunchies or Covered Ponytail Bands

I, honestly, don’t know what these are called anymore. When I was in high school they were scrunchies. It was a big thing then. But I don’t believe that they are as big now. But Mom wants me to make several for a couple of friends & I wants a couple of black one since my hair is actually getting long enough to get put up again.

I like them cause they don’t break my hair & it makes the ponytail holder more comfortable when you wear it for a long time.

Last Thoughts

If I keep up with all this crocheting I am going to have to create galleries for them, lol. But I know that I will eventually get tired of crocheting & go back to the arms of my true love of Cross Stitching. Just waiting for my fingers to get warm enough so that it doesn’t hurt too much. Aah, I love winter, but at the same time I wish for Spring & Fall. Never Summer for then it is too hot & I can never get cool enough. :crazy: