What is Going On

This entry is just going to tell you what has been happening in my offline word. Probably will explain why I have been a little bitchy & short with people. I don't know if you all have noticed it, but offline they have, lol. If you want to read it then you can, but it is very very long.

Squealing with Happiness

Big Cat Pride When I arrived at the office today & my father got back from the post office, he handed me an envelope from 1-2-3 Stitch. Mom asks me why did I order something & didn’t ask first. I told them I didn’t order anything from there. I had no idea what it was or who it would have came from. So I went into the conference room where my computer was to see if I had gotten any emails to give me a clue. None. So I sit & look at the envelope. Hmm…wonder what it is & who sent it to me. I knew it had to be cross stitch related, so that ended some of the mystery. So when I opened the envelope I saw the charts of Big Cats Pride from Kustom Krafts. *the picture* I am sitting here still with a huge smile on my face. Oh, you want to know who made my day? Why it was none other then Lori from Addled Librarian. This chart is one of my favorites ever since I first saw it. I don’t know if you got it from my wish list or just got it cause of my love for the big cats, but I can’t wait until I can dig my needle into it. Thanks again.

Thank you so much Lori! You honestly have no idea how much it means to me.

More Crochet

For those that don’t know, which is probably not a lot of you. I have a major addiction. I love purses. I have about 100 of them. Though I usually settle for the cheap Wal-Mart ones, I would love to have the expensive Coach ones or others, but they are way out of my budget. So I drool over the ones I can’t have & buy the ones that I can have. Though my father does limit my buying. *When you can’t work due to a disability & your parents are kind enough to pay the bills, it gives them the right to determine what you buy & don’t buy in my family* But what he can’t control is if I make my own purses. *insert evil laugh* My mother is nice enough to let me dig into her yarn boxes (she has like five 18-gallon plastic tubs). So I decided that I wanted a clutch to just hold my billfold, necessities, & a pen or two. It would have to fit inside my huge size tote purse that I carry now. I usually get giant purses, lol, that will hold everything including my current cross stitching project & book or EReader. Well, I was going to pay $10 to $20 for a clutch. So I did some digging online & found a crochet pattern that I can modify to my needs, lol. If I have gotten everything right, it should come out to look a little like this without all the fancy ruffles & studs stuff:
Columbus Clutch from Handbag Heaven But I am crocheting it out of Peaches & Creme Cotton in “Sour Green Apple” *Heck of a name*. Pictures are below. I am still working on the clutch body. I am crocheting it with two strands to give it sturdiness & in single crochets so I don’t have to line it. I want to stay away from the sewing machine if I can. I haven’t got the big machine set back up & so I only have access to my small crafting one & I just don’t think it is powerful enough to go through cotton yarn & lining material. I would say that I am about half way through the project.

Yarn: Peaches & Cream 4ply Worsted Weight 100% Cotton Yarn
Color: #213 Sour Green Apple

The only problem is that I am getting tired of crocheting & I want my stitching back. Here is to hoping I get my clutch finished first.

Edit: My Wrist Warmers

I can’t believe I almost forgot to show you these. I am so proud of these. I actually got them completed last week & was going to post them, but the post for the QBee needed to go first. So here are the pictures showing my Lemon-n-Lime wrist warmers using Jessica’s No Hole Granny Square.

Yarn: Peaches & Cream 4ply Worsted Weight 100% Cotton Yarn
Color: #186 Lemon Lime

Oh, if you want to see any picture bigger, just click on it to see it full sized!

The QBee

I have now been a member of The Quilting Bee for over two years. I can’t say enough for how fun the club is & how friendly the members are. There are multiple activities through out the year that you can take part in. You can pixel pictures or talk on the forum that is completely spam free. There is an IRC channel that is just for the QBees.

My favorite part is the book club, but since I am a huge reader, that shouldn’t be a surprise. But The Quilting Bee even has a book club called Pages. The members read one book a month & then just post their thoughts on the site. It is the best.

Another thing The Quilting Bee has is the ability to talk to other people from everywhere. When you an old fashioned Hillbilly like me, that is something, lol. But then I didn’t get into the Internet scene until 19999 when I started College. So when I joined a little over two years ago, the simple fact that I was making friends with people in England, Canada, & New Zealand, plus other countries that I can’t spell for the life of me. Was a wonderful thing. I know that in this day & age that isn’t a big deal. But I come from a very small town & not a lot of people leave my small town. Everybody knows everybody & everybody’s family line. *I am not joking, I think I am related to half the people in the county I live in, lol* So to talk to my mom about Jem, Michelle, Joni, Lori, *I know US*, Ling, & my other friends that I have met through The Quilting Bee, I have to say that it is one of the best things I have ever done.

So here is to many more years with them. If they want me or not the crazy bee is here to stay.

Christmas Tree Angels

I am sure you all know this. It is those Christmas trees that have the little angels or ornaments on them with children’s names & what they would like for Christmas. I grew up knowing & enjoying that it is more fun to give presents then to receive present. A situation that is still today. I honestly have more fun giving presents then I ever do receiving presents & I honestly will ask that people not to give me gifts cause I have no idea how to accept them. Anyway, I am getting off subject.

So we normally do three or four of these “angel” a year. But we were up for a shock when we were looking at the “angels” at Wal-Mart, Target, & K-Mart. These kids want Wii games, GameBoy DS games, Leapster games, other toys that costs over $20US. Excuse me? What happened to dolls, matchbox cars, coloring books, and other toys like that. I am sorry, but if their parents can afford a Wii then they don’t need help. I can’t afford a Wii or any type of gaming system no matter how much I would like to have one. Hell, if my laptop couldn’t have been fixed it would have been at least three months before I would have gotten a new one unless I could have gotten a line of credit somewhere for three months.

Do parents not know how to prioritize their money? It is honestly quite simple. Food, bills, savings, & then if there is anything left then you can buy the play items. I am sorry but children do not Wii’s, GameBoys, or other things like that to grow up. They can use their imagination, which I have found to be not in use & that is very sad. When a seven year old is asking for designer label clothing I find it hard to give. I don’t even get designer label clothing. I have generic label clothing. Geesh, the jeans I am wearing today I have owned for over five years. My family has learned to wear clothing until it can’t be repaired. Seam rips, lost buttons are all re-sewn & fixed. I have yet come across something that I have been unable to fix. But it seems like people don’t do that anymore. They just toss the clothing instead of repairing them.

My Church give out Christmas Baskets every year to families in need. These baskets contain food, hygiene items, usually an outfit or two & a toy or two for the children if there are any. These baskets when you total all the items up have over $150US in them. But the Church members don’t think about that. They think about the simple fact that they are helping someone in need. But then when the families come to pick up the baskets, they can be quite rude & demanding. I was there last year helping hand out the baskets. I don’t expect the families to be grateful or anything, but don’t act like you deserve it. There is nothing that says we have to give you anything.

This evening Mom & I went to Wal-Mart. They had an “Angel Tree” by the entrance. I have a giving heart & even though I do not like being told what to buy for the children. But we struck gold. There was an “Angel” asking for a toy. That was it. She was four years old & wanted a toy. Wanna know what she got. A hat, two pairs of gloves, a doll, clothes for the doll *that laughs when you rock her or tickle her*, a doll carrier, baby bottle for the doll, a puzzle, coloring books, crayons, reading books, & other little toys that four year olds like to play with. Want to know what they would have gotten if it told me what to get. Just what the card said. I am more generous if I am not told. Most people are. I will actually give away my presents to buy presents for a child that isn’t going to get any. But that is me. I love to give presents, but I hare receiving them.

Now I am not saying that all people are like this, but I am finding more more young people & children expect everything to be handed to them. That is not how life works. You have to work for what you want. Nothing is handed to you.


I need a break from cross stitch & since I actually have my Christmas work completed I am going to do Jessica a favor & pattern test her No Holes Granny Square & make me some arm warmers. Though I am using Peaches & Creme 100% Cotton in the color of Lemon Lime instead of Acrylic yarn. I am also using a J hook instead of a H hook. I will be making the square big enough to wrap around my wrist & lower arm. I am using a J hook, cause no matter how hard I try, my stitches are always very tight. So if I used a H hook then I would be doing this for a very long time. In order for me not to loss

When I pulled my crocheting bag back out of my plastic box I found out that I didn’t complete my last project. Not really surprising, but I am going to try to finish it this time. I am making a tote bag. I have no idea what I am going to do with it once I am finished with it, but I am making it, lol. This pattern is Jessica’s No Hole Granny Square & it is very easy to follow & simple to complete. Though like with all Granny Squares it is very mind numbing.

Again I am using Sugar & Cream Stripes 100% cotton in Natural Stripes. Since I don’t want a lot of holes in this bag I am actually using a G hook for this bag. The bag pattern is from Cap’s Crochet & I have found that her patterns are quite nice & easy to understand.

For those that want to know my mother has lost three pounds as of Thursday, December 02, 2010. The Doc is giving her until Monday to lose more with the water pill. So she is still on limited movement & being coddled. Which she absolutely hates. *hopes & prays everything will continue to go ok*

What has happened.

Well for the last six months, my mother has been off balance, bloated, out of breath, & a few other things. Well, the last week & a half things have gotten worse in the breathing area. So once Father & I got the stubborn woman to agree to go to the doctor we set the appointment up for Tuesday. Then I go the shock of my life.

Back Story Time

As I was growing up my world revolved around my paternal Grandmother. She was my absolute best friend. I spent all my time with her that I could. On March 25, 1991 at 4:22pm she passed away. I can still remember what I was doing, where I was at that exact moment. My entire world collapsed & to this day I still don’t think I have picked up all the pieces.There was nothing that I didn’t tell my Grandmother. The reason I am telling you this is to try & tell you how much this woman meant to me. After she died, I was completely lost. My mother was the person that found me & made me realize that I could still live. We became best friends more then mother & daughter. She is the life rope I cling to when things aren’t right. Without my mother I honestly have no clue what to do with myself for very long. I do not go a day without talking or seeing her.The longest I have ever been away from her is a week & I was going crazy by the end of it. You may think that I am scared to leave my “mommy” but that isn’t it. I don’t have to have her to fix my problems or take care of me. I can do that just fine. She is just my support pole. The one person I know that won’t abandon me when I need them. I can talk to my mother about anything under the sun. It doesn’t matter the subject nothing is taboo. I adore my mother though at times she is so frustrating that I want to scream. :luv:

Back to the Current

So Mom & I were in the Doc office. Both of us honestly thought that she was getting bronchitis again. So Doc listened & they measured the oxygen in her blood & it showed to be 87%. The normal is 97%. That honesty scared the hell out of me & the Doc informed us that she could be put on oxygen. Then he gave us the worst news. My mother is retaining fluid & it is on her heart & lungs. That is why she can’t breath at times. He is even thinking that when she was having so much problems last Saturday that she honestly has a mild heart attack. A FUCKING HEART ATTACK!!!!! What the hell is life trying pull now. Hasn’t it taken enough way from me & my family? Besides throwing everything at us at one time don’t you think you could give us a break just for nine months, Life? Just this one damn time? :furios:

So now we watch Mom. She is on an trial period to get rid of the retained fluid. She has gained 45 pounds in six months & what is really bad is that we haven’t changed our eating habits or exercise. So the Doc listened to everything & then told us that Mom has fluid on her heart & lungs. He says that 20-40 of those pounds could be retained fluid.

Just got back from her weigh in today. She has lost three pounds. The Doc isn’t too happy, but is giving us until Monday to make a significant difference. But we have to watch her. If she has chest pains, tightness, shortness of breath, or any other things that get worst we are under orders to get her to the hospital.

I am scared to death that I am going to lose my mother & if I do then I don’t know if I am strong enough to survive this time.