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Well it is only two, but I have about twenty more waiting to be re-sized & re-named but I am currently sitting at Desi’s school hacking their WIFI in the library. So you get to see my new Owl charms I have learn to make & have the charts & my new winter hat (I will normally go through about ten hats a winter) that I got.

Those little charms in the first photo were in my latest Britian’s No. 1 CrossStitcher magazine. They are the perfect size for keychains. So I am dying to dig my needle into them, lol. The hat is my favorite Seseme Street character, Cookie Monster. I loved him when I was little. My mother has the same type of hat but her’s is the Loony Toons character Taz. The only one that would be better would have been Pepe Le Pew. I am still crazy for that skunk. Desi thinks that is hilarious, but then this is the 9yr old that can perform the Bad Romance dance without the song playing

Oh no, Jock now wants me to move in permanently. What the hell do I tell him?

Owl Order Form

Well, if you will go & look on the “For Sale” you will notice that I actually have something for sale, lol. I know it isn’t already made, but that Owl is too cute for me to wait on. So I have a created a Made-To-Order section of the little things that I find that shouldn’t take to long to make. As of this moment, the only thing there is the Owl MP3 holder, but I will have more soon.

I have also updated the galleries. note to self: find buttons that say “updated” But this time I am giving you some here. But otherwise you have to go check the galleries of:

  • Ink Circles: By The Full Moon
  • Jungle Scamp’s Floss Toss with correct fabric
  • UMW Keychains – Cross Stitching completed

Other Happy News

My mother & father gave me my Christmas present early. About a month ago my camera somehow managed to get its LCD screen cracked. I have no clue how & so I have been lugging father’s huge digital camera around. I knew I wanted something with a hight pixel amount then my previous one of 6.4 megapixels, but most of them were in the $150 range & I didn’t have that. But yesterday, my mom came across the Kodak (same brand as my last one) Easyshare C195. I don’t know how much it was. If I know or guess then I don’t get to keep the camera, family rule She picked one up in blue for me. Azure is what I named her. She has 14 mega pixels & boy is it nice. She zooms up to 5 times, which I rarely ever need, cause if I need the zoom function I am going to use Dad’s which is a 10 time zoom. My only problem is that she is so small. But I am so grateful to have new camera that I don’t care. I have the best parents. :luv: :luv:

Complaint, Rant, Post

*This is a very mad & complainy post. So I don’t actually expect anyone to read it.*

Monday: Mom runs over her laptop with the SUV = $600 new laptop bought for her. Picked up mine from the repair shop. Understood it to be fixed.

Tuesday: Used my laptop all day. No problem. Called Kevin, the tech that worked on laptop, & thanked him for his work.

Wednesday (today): Turned the laptop on. Ripped my new CD to the hard drive *as I do all my CDs*. Had Chrome, & GTalk open. Then the laptop shuts down with the same error message. Called Father in full blown panic attack, bawling my eyes out, telling him that the computer was doing the same thing. He called repair shop. They now think it is the motherboard & my baby, my beautiful 1 year old baby, is toast. I know that I shouldn’t get attached to my electronics, but I do. My laptop is an extension of myself. So I am back on father’s laptop & I am grateful that he lets me use it, but he needs his laptop & I have to have one also. I can’t do all my work on a desktop. Well, I can but at the house there is only dial-up internet & I do need a faster connection then that. They just didn’t made CPUs to be portable. I am honestly trying to see the bright side of this, but failing horribly. I could get the money from Jock, but I just can’t do it. He isn’t my boyfriend, nor is he my husband. So I am just not comfortable taking money from him. But Dad told me that we have a $2000 credit from Dell. So I may go that way. My custom from them is about $749. I just honestly don’t know what we are going to do. I want to honestly take a hammer to my baby for doing this even though I know it is just a machine & yet I just want to curl up and bawl my eyes out.

New Theme, New Pages

Well, as you can tell there is a new theme. I really like the style of this one, so it might actually last a while also. I know I said I had one coded & I do, but I haven’t felt up to turning the HTML over to WP code. So until I feel up to that it isn’t going to happen. But this one is nice and calming. Nothing too flashy & I don’t have to come up with any graphic work.

Oh, you want to know what I have been doing for the past few weeks or months? Well, we (my parents & I) are clearing my room, it has been used for storage for the last five years, at their house. I am going to have to move back home for the safety of my health. I have been falling too much & my pain is getting to the point where I am unable to make it over to my house. For the last two months I have only been managing one night a week at my house & the rest at my parents. So we have been cleaning.

Online I have gotten sucked into my Neopets again. Not that I have ever really left them, but I have gotten to where I am enjoying it more then I used to. So I have actually been creating graphics & coding for my pets there. No, I don’t care if you dislike Neopets. I enjoy it.

As for my stitching, I have uploaded new pictures to the UMW Keychains (if you are interested), created two new pages for my two new Halloween projects. click on the “Hallo” for one & “ween” for the other

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? It is actually a MP3 holder for the Ipods. I am going to make it with tans instead of yellows. Then I think I may make another one for a certain owl liker that I know in blues. But then she never visits or makes comments so she may not want one. wonders if she will figure out to come here I have the fabric & the felt. Just have to pick up the floss in four shades & find buttons for the eyes. That shouldn’t be too hard. Might get to play 50,000 button pick up again. I inherited Grandmother’s button jars & there are tons of buttons in it. Who knows I may enjoy it so much I may stitch three, lol. Since I have a portable sewing machine that can handle light weight work, more things are open for me to do. Geesh, I sound like an excited school girl.

I have been sucked also into that beautiful world of music. So far my ears have been dancing to Lady Gaga & Enrique Iglesias. So I have been dancing in my chair at Mom’s office & at Dad’s office. Since I have finally gotten Mom & Dad to use GTalk we can actually talk to each other without having to use the bloody phones & money. So I get to keep my music on all the time without worrying that I will miss a call. I love it. Though I am sure that those following my isn’t cause I tend to listen to the same few songs over & over.

Stitching & Christmas

Oh my goodness, I have been stitching my hands off these past months. That is why I haven’t been posting as normally. What is really bad is that it is just the UMW Keyrings that I have been stitching, so there really isn’t any new photos to show you. I have six of the fifteen needed done. I still have to finish Lori’s & Kris’ Christmas presents, finish making the fifteen keychains into keychains, mail Lori’s Christmas present *may be late*, & finally then & only then do I get to take a breather & finish my own Halloween treat. I am honestly wore out.

But I am getting my Christmas wishlist ready. Though I honestly don’t expect to get anything this year. We haven’t had a wonderful year. But I do know what I want & even though I post my wishlist does not mean I want any of you to buy me anything. Understand!!!! I have more fun giving presents then getting them. :p