Well it is only two, but I have about twenty more waiting to be re-sized & re-named but I am currently sitting at Desi’s school hacking their WIFI in the library. So you get to see my new Owl charms I have learn to make & have the charts & my new winter hat (I … [Read more…]

Owl Order Form

Well, if you will go & look on the “For Sale” you will notice that I actually have something for sale, lol. I know it isn’t already made, but that Owl is too cute for me to wait on. So I have a created a Made-To-Order section of the little things that I find that … [Read more…]

Complaint, Rant, Post

*This is a very mad & complainy post. So I don’t actually expect anyone to read it.* Monday: Mom runs over her laptop with the SUV = $600 new laptop bought for her. Picked up mine from the repair shop. Understood it to be fixed. Tuesday: Used my laptop all day. No problem. Called Kevin, … [Read more…]

New Theme, New Pages

Well, as you can tell there is a new theme. I really like the style of this one, so it might actually last a while also. I know I said I had one coded & I do, but I haven’t felt up to turning the HTML over to WP code. So until I feel up … [Read more…]

Stitching & Christmas

Oh my goodness, I have been stitching my hands off these past months. That is why I haven’t been posting as normally. What is really bad is that it is just the UMW Keyrings that I have been stitching, so there really isn’t any new photos to show you. I have six of the fifteen … [Read more…]