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*Let me make this clear straight away. I do not care if you are gay, straight, black, yellow, or even purple. (actually, it might be kinda fun to be purple) I could care less what you are. I don’t make friends or judge you by any of those. I judge you by how you treat others, treat me, & treat yourself. Yes, I am straight, but I do have friends that are gay. Do I care? Nope, they are just people.*

So my subject today is bullying. Do I know what I am talking about? Hell yeah. I believe thirteen years of being the victim of severe bullying makes me know what the hell I am talking about. From the time I started kindergarten to the time I graduated high school, I was the one that the others picked on. Even now on my bad days I can still hear the kids chanting the names, remember the shoves, kicks, hits, pinches, grabs, & other things that I just don’t want to remember but do every now & then.

There were times that I came home crying & there were times I came home wishing that I was dead.There were times that I was going to make sure that I wasn’t going to be around the next day. But my parents were there for me. They made sure that I knew that the opinions of the bastards & bitches at school didn’t matter. *yes, that is what they were & still are*. Not a single one of them is worth anything to me. Took me thirteen years to understand that. Thirteen years to realize that they are just stupid little things that don’t understand that they are beneath me by acting they way they did. Don’t agree? That is fine, that is your opinion.

Example: BD (I will not name names, but he will know) loved to grab me in female areas. *side note: I developed early* In my senior year (12th grade) he decided to grab my butt as I was walking down the hallway in between classes. This time I had had enough. He wound up with an elbow to the gut & a fist to the groin. This is after twelve years of having my breasts grabbed, twisted, & pinched. I say he got off easy with all the bruising I usually went home with.

Oh, tell the teachers, principal, & superintendent? We did. We threatened lawsuit. The problem the main leader of the group was the principal’s beloved son. So no matter how loud of a cry we made, nothing was done or if it was done, it was a temporary thing.

Question: How would you like to receive a phone call telling you that the next time you came to school you were going to be raped & beaten up? Then to make it worse they described how they were going to do it & where they were going to do it in exact detail. Yep, I got that in my senior year. After that phone call my parents removed the restrictions from me fighting back. The bad thing is that I knew who the bastards were on the phone. JP (son of the principal) got his face slammed into the lockers for grabbing my breast. JB wound up suspended for drawing his penis & telling me what he wanted me to do to it. SS got thrown down the stairs when she thought that she could do it to me. HH got a face full of a kick ball during dodgeball. I can’t help it my aim is horrible. Several others that did the bulling had “accidents” after touching or trying to cause an accident with me. The fun thing is that the teachers all knew what was happening & they did absolutely nothing. I actually had three months of peace.

The only reason I survived & didn’t commit suicide like these other teenagers is the simple fact that I had a strong family base to be there for me when I needed them. No matter what happened I knew that my family was there for me. As for these teens that have tragically taken their own lives over the bullying they suffered from. Though I am saddened for the loss of their life, I do not put the entire blame of their suicide on the bullies. Why wasn’t their family paying attention to the teens? Didn’t their parents realize that something was wrong? If the teens were under 18 then they are still in parents control. Why didn’t the school counselors talk to the teens? Why didn’t the teens look for help? The parents are also partly to blame for the teens suicide. They should have paid attention & done something before the suicide happened. Don’t tell me that the parents couldn’t do anything. Bullshit! When I was eighteen I did what my parents told me, even now I still do. They could have made the teens go & talk to someone. Parents don’t take the time to talk to their children anymore & it is sad. This is what happens. I don’t care if they were gay or straight. This is what happens when parents don’t talk to their children.

Parents are too caught up in their own lives & they don’t take the time to stop & pay attention to their teenagers or young children. They assume that since the child is older the child can take care of them self. WRONG! All children need their parents or someone to guide them. They have to have someone to talk to. Not someone their own age. Someone older, someone to listen. That means stop what you are doing & really listen to them.

Am I being harsh? Yes? To damn bad.

Handmade Items

This really pisses me off. People don’t realize just how much go into making these items. There is the time of getting the supplies (most people just don’t have everything on hand), the cost of the supplies, the labor time, the cost of finishing, and then the cost of shipping. It pisses me off when people see a handmade item be it crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, etc. & automatically start to argue or try to get the owner to take a lesser price for it. Excuse me? Did you go & purchase all the supplies & complete the item yourself? No. Then pay the bloody price. Floss is not cheap & it continues to rise in price. I do my best to get it cheap, but when the stores raise their price I have no choice but to raise my prices.

For example:
This design (I made two) was recently up for sale at my father’s office (all designs usually are up there for a month before hitting here). This lady came in and offered half of what I wanted ($50) for it. Excuse me, but there is $40 worth of supplies sitting in that design. The other $10 was for my labor which was less then half of what it should have been. The lady continue to offer only $25 for the completed design which I refused. I informed her that the lowest I would accept was $40 for the design. Needless to say the design is still hanging on the wall at the office. What am I supposed to do, take the cut myself? I don’t think so. I would never dream of asking someone to give me something for less then what they are asking for it. If I can’t afford it, the most I will do is save for it. Strawberry Cream Chocolate Cup Cake Delight - A Cozy Crocheted HatAn example is this hat that Christine made. I want this hat so bad, but I don’t have the money for it yet. So I am saving it up. I would never dream of asking her to take a lower price for it. If she sells it before I have the money then that is fine. I would be happy for her. I honestly believe that her handmade items are worth every penny of what she is asking. I know what goes into making those hats, they are not the easiest things to make. I have tired. But then crochet isn’t my thing. I can do it, but I would rather cross stitch. Give me my stitching needles over crochet hooks any day. Though I do whip out crochet headbands fairly quickly. I do love making roses also. But that is a whole ‘nther story.

Basically, what I am trying to say is before you try to barter with someone over a handmade item, take a moment & put yourself in the crafter’s position. Remember that the crafter took the time to make the handmade item that is for sell. They didn’t have to. They cared enough to offer it for sell. Trust me, you get attached to what you craft. For me, it is so hard to sell my stitching, but if I don’t sell it then I don’t get new ones.


I do everything to music. You can tell what type of mood I am in just by the music I am listening to. At the moment, I am stuck without being able to purchase new music & having to rent the music I want from the library or listening to it online. Nothing wrong with that, but it sucks when you don’t have a connection, lol. This is the one that I am squealing over at the moment:

I Like It – Enrique Iglesias

Video from Enrique Iglesias’ website

Ignore the simple fact that I have a huge size crush :luv: on the man & think he is as sexy as hell, but moving on. I really enjoy his music & he has put out three albums that I haven’t been able to get yet.
I am not huge on dancing in public, but get me alone & I will move just like those women in the video. Even though I don’t have the figure for it, lol. His music always makes me move. This is how I get my exercise when I feel up to it.

Can You hear Me – Enrique Iglesias

Video from Enrique Iglesias’ website

This one just makes me want to jump up & down all the time. I usually wind up singing this one at the top of my lungs. I shocked the hell out of Jock the first time it came on the radio in his Mountaineer & I started dancing to it. See, I can even shock the man who has known me for over ten years. Imagine how many more surprises I have up my sleeves for you all, lol.

Though Jock now says that since I actually know how to dance he is going to take me clubbing. What the hell is that? I never was with the “popular” group in school nor in my younger age. If you haven’t guessed Jock is younger then me & still likes to “play”. So help. What is this that he is threatening me with? Forgive me if I am “dumb”.

Upcoming from the Library

My local library enjoys reading my holds lists for some reason. I don’t really understand why, but the librarians get a kick out of it. So I thought I would share my holds list with you. Maybe you can explain it to me.

  • Tongues of serpents / Naomi Novik [Book]
  • The cabinet of curiosities / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child [Book]
  • Hangman / Faye Kellerman [Book]
  • Hangman / Faye Kellerman [Book]
  • The trouble with Twilight : why today’s vampire craze is hazardous to your health / Steve Wohlberg [Book]
  • The passage : a novel / Justin Cronin [Book]
  • The Girl with the dragon tattoo / by Stieg Larsson [Book]
  • Pretty little liars / Sara Shepard [Book]
  • Creepiosity : a hilarious guide to the unintentionally creepy / by David Bickel [Book]
  • The capture / by Kathryn Lasky [Book]
  • The pillars of creation / Terry Goodkind [Book]
  • Twelve / by Jasper Kent [Book]
  • Graceling / Kristin Cashore [Book]
  • Never let me go / Kauzo Ishiguro [Book]
  • Transformers : exodus : the official history of the war for Cybertron / Alex Irvine [Book]
  • Ape house : a novel / Sara Gruen [Book]
  • Chasing The Night / Iris Johansen [Book]
  • The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian / Sherman Alexie [Book]
  • Room : a novel / Emma Donoghue [Book]
  • Botanical portraits with colored pencils / Ann Swan [Book]
  • Botany for the artist / Sarah Simblet [Book]
  • I love 80’s / Various Artists [sound recording]
  • Recovery / Eminem [sound recording]
  • Euphoria / Enrique Iglesias [sound recording]
  • Greatest hits / Enrique Iglesias [sound recording]
  • His all-time greatest comic hits / Ray Stevens [sound recording]
  • We the people / Ray Stevens [sound recording]
  • Greatest hits. Volume 1 / Rascal Flatts [sound recording]
  • The incredible machine / Sugarland [sound recording]
  • Enjoy the ride / Sugarland [sound recording]
  • The Remix / Lady Gaga [sound recording]
  • CSI: NY. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • Sherlock Holmes [DVD videorecording]
  • Clash of the gods [DVD videorecording]
  • Glee. Season 1, Vol.1, Road to sectionals [DVD videorecording]
  • Glee. Season 1, Vol. 2, Road to regionals [DVD videorecording]
  • 2012 [DVD videorecording]
  • Criminal minds. Season 4 [DVD videorecording]
  • Alice in Wonderland [DVD videorecording]
  • The book of Eli [DVD videorecording]
  • Desperate housewives. Season 4 [DVD videorecording]
  • Desperate housewives. Season 5 [DVD videorecording]
  • Desperate housewives. Season 6 [DVD videorecording]
  • House M.D. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • Clash of the titans [DVD videorecording]
  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians [DVD videorecording]
  • Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles. The complete first season [DVD videorecording]
  • Life [DVD videorecording]
  • The miracle worker [DVD videorecording]
  • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Awards animation collection [DVD videorecording]
  • Doctor Who. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • Splice [DVD videorecording]
  • Babies [DVD videorecording]
  • The vampire diaries. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • True blood. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • Dexter [DVD videorecording]
  • Unthinkable [DVD videorecording]
  • Seven [DVD videorecording]
  • Frank Miller’s Sin City [DVD videorecording]
  • Merlin. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]
  • The office. Season 1 [DVD videorecording]

Besides most of the books & DVDs are yours all’s fault anyway. You all talk about this book or this tv show being so good, it makes me want to see what all the fuss is about so I see if the library has it. Hence the big long list. You all are the reason why I am getting Dr. Who, The Office, Merlin, True Blood, Vampire Diaries *they better be good*, & half the books. Though I never mind the books :luv: :luv: . I’ll read those until I go blind, lol.