This post is all about friendship. I grew up not having very many people my own age around me. So I grew up very mature & acted that way. Well, I wasn’t very popular with the other kids my age, but I grew to learn that my maturity was a blessing in disguise. I learned … [Read more…]


As I have mentioned in a previous post about Io (my Sony EReader) & while I still adore Io, I am finding that I am upset over the lack of ebooks that I can find for it. Why is it that authors or publishers (I honestly don’t know who to blame) don’t publish their books … [Read more…]

Heat Update

Thanks for the concern everyone. With the heat being as it is. Mom & I have been staying at the local library during the times when she isn’t at work. They are nice enough to let us use their WIFI & steal their air conditioning. So we stay there until about 7 or 8 pm. … [Read more…]

New Pictures & Heat Wave

I have added a new page to the Galleries. UMW Key Chains have been added. My mother’s Christmas present to the United Methodist Women group of her Church. I have also added about four more picture to Michelle’s Christmas Present, but to access that page you will have to have the password. Just make a … [Read more…]

Zoo Story

I read this book with the understanding that it would probably upset me. I had my mother read it first cause animal books usually either make me :furios: or make me so I was trying to avoid a huge roller coaster of rides with my emotions. Did this book make me cry? Oh yeah, but … [Read more…]