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This post is all about friendship. I grew up not having very many people my own age around me. So I grew up very mature & acted that way. Well, I wasn’t very popular with the other kids my age, but I grew to learn that my maturity was a blessing in disguise. I learned quickly to tell who my friends were & which ones weren’t. I don’t have very many people that I actually call my “true” friends. You see, I may have a lot of friends but I have very few “true” friends.

I am not an easy person to get to know & I, honestly, make a person “jump through hoops” to get to know me. I have been burned by supposed friends too many times to let anyone get to close to me. Yeah, I know I probably seem like the most easy to get a long online, but I am not that way offline. You all barely know me, trust me on this.

You see, I can count the number of true friends that I have on one hand. These are friends that I can count on to come when I call them. They will always be there when I need them. I don’t have to worry that they will not show up when they say they will.

When I am friends with someone I expect them to do the following:

  • be understanding
  • not shy of standing up to me
  • do what they say they will
  • be completely honest with me
  • understand that I will be the very same way back to them

You see, I will walk through fire for my “true” friends. Case in point, when R’s husband’s beat her I was there in the amount of time it took for her to call me & then for me to drive there. I also know that if I needed her then she would be there for me that fast. If she said that she was going to meet me somewhere then she would have been there on time or if for some reason she was late she would have called. Hell, I take collect calls from my friends.

Yes, I realize that the person that I am writing about will understand that I am upset with her. Quite honestly, I don’t care. I made myself sick waiting for her to show up. No call, no nothing. This is not the first time this has happened but this will be the last time. I am not supposed to be outside in the sun. But I wanted to have lunch with her. I was going to buy her lunch & give her the present I made her. But not now. I refuse to have this type of friendship. I refuse to be used. My mother & I waited three hours for her & she never showed, never called or anything. My mother, out of the kindness of her heart, brought me down to the fair even though she knew that my father & she would be having a harder time of it later once the day set into me. But she didn’t mind cause I was going to get to spend time with my friend. My mother is like that. She always wants me to have my own life even though it is going to make taking care of me harder. But to not show up at all with no excuse or phone call was just plain rude. So there will be no Christmas present or anything else from me to her. Consider us no longer friends.

I don’t need the stress of friends that I can’t rely on or depend on. So I don’t keep in contact with those that I can’t. To those of you that think I am being harsh, then that is your opinion. You don’t know the whole story.


As I have mentioned in a previous post about Io (my Sony EReader) & while I still adore Io, I am finding that I am upset over the lack of ebooks that I can find for it. Why is it that authors or publishers (I honestly don’t know who to blame) don’t publish their books in this format automatically for the older books? For example: The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. The only way I can get it is to illegally download torrents of the books. Which I absolutely refuse to do. I just don’t understand. The publishers sit there & push the customers to buy these new electronics & then the authors don’t follow through with publishing them to the electronic format. Geesh, I might have well, just picked up a cheapie reader until all my book are released. But that is something I am hoping will be fixed soon. The list of books that I want are just the ones that I re-read all the time. I am not turning to my reader for all my books, but I want the books I want. I just wish that the publisher & authors would stop pushing the readers when the books are not published.

Heat Update

Thanks for the concern everyone. With the heat being as it is. Mom & I have been staying at the local library during the times when she isn’t at work. They are nice enough to let us use their WIFI & steal their air conditioning. So we stay there until about 7 or 8 pm. Then we come home. By the time we get home the house has cooled off to about 88 degrees compared to the 91 or 94 degrees F it was during the day. So then we turn the window fans blowing in & it will bring the temps down a couple more degrees. So though it is still very hot, it isn’t going to kill me, I hope. :p It is supposed to cool down to the 80s by next Wednesday so I should have a chance to rest by then. What hurts me the most is the fact that I am unable to stay home & rest & recuperate from the week. So for the past three weeks I haven’t had a day to stay at home & rest.

On another note I think we are going to make an early doctor appointment to discuss the possibility of fibromyalgia being part of my problem. We don’t think that it is all of my medical problems but the symptoms of it match 3/4 of my problems. The bad thing, there is only treatments for this problem, no cure. The other bad news is that the treatments are the same ones that we are already doing. So basically short of a diagnoses I am doing everything I can already other then learning to live with it. *I honestly just want to *

New Pictures & Heat Wave

I have added a new page to the Galleries. UMW Key Chains have been added. My mother’s Christmas present to the United Methodist Women group of her Church. I have also added about four more picture to Michelle’s Christmas Present, but to access that page you will have to have the password. Just make a comment & will email you the password to the page.

In other things, Missouri is going through a heatwave. We have been having temps in the high 90s but it actually feels like it is in the 100s. Well, it wouldn’t be too horrible if we actually had air conditioning in the houses & at Dad’s office, but Father gives us the choice of living the lifestyle that we are accustomed to or we can have air conditioning. For example, we, the family (3 of us), like to eat out a lot & go to the local big city (Springfield) to shop once or twice a week. Well, we would have to give that up if we get air conditioning. The electric bill would be way to high for the family to afford it. But on the good side, Father says that he has had enough & that he is going to put it at the office. With the heat as high as it is the house temp is in the low 90s which is too hot for mom & me to stay home. So we go to the local library in Republic most days to stay in the cool. The joy of that for me is that I have access to high speed internet on most days. The down side is with the heat so high I don’t have any days to stay home & rest. So I am so exhausted that I can’t even see straight. Usually, I stay at home on Fridays while my parents go shopping & I spend the day cross stitching, reading, & sleeping. Fridays are my days of relaxing & getting my energy back from the previous week. But for the last four weeks I haven’t been able to sleep in or stay home on Fridays & it is beginning to show. I am in so much pain & I am having so many seizures (or fits as my father puts it) that my mother is seriously considering taking me to the hospital the next time i have one in public. So here is to hoping that I don’t have one in public again.

Zoo Story

I read this book with the understanding that it would probably upset me. I had my mother read it first cause animal books usually either make me :furios: or make me so I was trying to avoid a huge roller coaster of rides with my emotions. Did this book make me cry? Oh yeah, but it was a good happy sad cry. Did is piss me off? Definately, they killed a tiger; which is a mortal sin to me.

The book tells about the journey of elephants to the Lowry Zoo in Tampa, Florida. Then once there you start learning about the people & the animals that are in the zoo. You learn about the zoo president that is the “Bad” guy. About all the people that are behind the scenes. It was quite an interesting book to read. I do recommend this book for others to read, though if you are like me you want to murder some of the people in the book. Though I don’t condone murder by anyone, lol.

My Views & Opinions On Zoos

Providing that the animals are provided with enough room to be active & have a natural (or close enough) habitat then I, honestly, know that zoos & wildlife parks are the only way that we, as humans, are going to be able to preserve animals. I am not talking about the domesticated animals, I am talking about the wild animals. Even now we have lost animals to extinction that we can never replace. I find that very very sad. So in my opinion that as long as the animal are taken care of, not abused, & are going to suffer in the wild then they are ok to be in zoos. But if all possible & under medical supervision they should try & release them to the wild if possible. I know that some zoos have a release program which I think is wonderful. But in some cases humans don’t give a damn about the animal population & just ruin it. Take the rain forest for example. Humans are destroying it. If anything destroys Earth it will be humans.