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New Pages

I have finally gotten Mimi’s present page uploaded. But I haven’t really gotten started on it with my other two commission pieces that I picked up. But it is there & ready for me to upload pics too. I also loaded the other commission page called Cat’s In Charge Here which is for my mother’s friend Kris. Then as soon as I get that completed & in between Michelle’s & Mimi’s present I get to make about 15 UMW (United Methodist Women) keychains for my mother for Christmas. So much for adding two more Christmas presents to my stitching list. I doubt if I am going to have time with needing to get Jungle Scamp finished also. But that is my life of stitching.

I am also trying to come to terms with my love of this pre-made theme & the one that I have been working on for the last three weeks. I really like it, but at the same time I really love this one. I have most of the quirks worked out of this one & it isn’t that bad to look at. But it isn’t mine. Plus it isn’t as if I have all the time in the world to make new themes all the time. I just don’t know what to do. I tell myself that it isn’t wrong for me to have a premade theme up here, but I guilts me that I know how to design my own themes yet, here I am using someone else’s theme. Oh well, I don’t know what I will do. :crazy:

Happy Dance

*Excuse the hoop lines, I haven’t had a chance to wash & iron the poor thing yet.

Yep, this is the completed Britty Kitty design that Ashley asked for. Now all I need to do is wash & iron it to get the hoop lines out of the fabric. Then finish the letter & package it up for her. Though I honestly hate to see this one go. I love Britty Kitty so much, but Ashley asked for it & I know that she will take beautiful care of it.

Man + Woman + Bed = No Sex

Yes, that can actually happen. I don’t know why people seem to think that when a man & a woman sleep in the same bed that sex has to be involved. Give me a bloody break. I spend the night a Jock’s house all the time. Do I sleep in his bed? Yep, the man has a king size bed. I may be a plus sized woman, but I am not that big. Does anything happen in that bed? Nothing besides talking & reading. Hmm…doesn’t sound like sex to me. So how does that make me any thing besides me? I don’t believe that sex is wrong, but I sure am not having it. So don’t stand there & judge me just because I choose to spend the night in the house or bed of the man that I have know for over 15 years & consider a big brother.

Here is what happened. Friday I spent the day at Jock’s house since neither my house nor my parent’s house has air conditioning & it was too hot to stay home. Well, my parents didn’t get finished with their running around until about 10pm & I was too tired to wait for them any longer so I just decided to spend the night. Jock lives just outside the city & he has neighbors. I am not used to having neighbors that can see into the house. I guess they are not used to seeing Jock with female visitors staying overnight. *new neighbors* I showed up in the kitchen Sat. morning in my nightgown to help Jock make breakfast & seen the neighbors making breakfast. *still don’t understand how you city people can live that close to people* Anyway, the woman in the family saw me & then about three minutes later the doorbell rung. Jock went to answer the door. Desi comes popping into the kitchen with the two dogs & asks me why the neighbor lady is mad at Daddy. Hmm…I thought & told her I would go see. The bloody lady is telling Jock off for having me over. She is telling him that it is disrespectful & degrading to have me spend the night. Umm…did we somehow shift back into the 1900’s? I could tell that Jock was having a hard time not busting his gut. I excused him & told the lady that I was Desi’s adopted mother & that due to my health I was unable to live with them all the time. She then said that unless Jock & I were married we shouldn’t share a bed. I asked her how she knew that we did & if she was peeking in windows didn’t that make her a “Peeping Tomisina” & if that was the case then she needed to learn to keep her mouth shut & her butt on her own property. Then I promptly shut the door in her face. I turned around to head back to the kitchen & saw Jock with Desi just about to die with laughter. Desi has now decided that I need to live with them permanently.

Ashley's Commission

Ashley decided that she wanted this little design stitched for her. So being the friend that I am I told her that I would be delighted to stitch it for her. Provided that I am not going to have the debacle that I had with Melly & Cristina. But that is a completely different thing. So I went & picked up the fabric on Wednesday & I have been stitching on it since then. You can see my efforts on the gallery page here.

Thanks to Incoherent Scribblings for the picture of the completed design. Renee does beautiful work & is always willing to help me get through my mess ups.

The only problem is that I love Britty Kitty designs. I honestly want every single one of them. They are on my wish list & these are my first charts that I have gotten of Britty Kitties. Actually this is the first Britty Kitty that I have every gotten to stitch. I am really having a hard time knowing that I am going to have to give this one up, lol. But I will, I know that Ashley will give it a good home. Plus, I bought enough floss to make me another one. Mom is afraid that I am going to go on a Britty Kitty craze. But I think they are cute enough.

Meet Io

I know I said that I wouldn’t buy one, but I use my net book to read my EBooks at my house. Well, the Church hasn’t gotten Mom’s computer set up for the Internet & she needs to have access to the Internet. Well, the net book connects through the WIFI just fine & so Mom is taking that & so that left me with the problem of needing something to read my books on. So Mom & Dad asked me if I wanted a reader instead of my net book & then Mom would take the net book. So I went researching. I decided that I didn’t want a Kindle or a Nook due to them being too much of a “store brand” reader. I remembered that I researched the Sony Readers before & liked them. So after about a week of reading different reviews & looking at the Sony Pocket Reader I told Mom that it was what I would take in exchange for my net book.

I have had Io for about three weeks now (since Jun 28th) & at first I hated it. I didn’t like the width, wanted it to be the size of a normal book. But Dad bought me the cover that turns the reader into a more book like reader. So no I absolutely love it. The screen is easy to read & I have no problems with it. I haven’t had to charge it since charging it that very first time & I have read approximately 3000 pages with it. So I am happy.

I like EPub (Adobe EReader style) books so I knew that whatever reader I got needed to be able to read that type & I wanted it to be able to read PDFs. Well, the Sony Reader does that. Also it will let me rent the ebooks from my library ( :luv: ) which I do all the time.

The only thing I am unhappy about is the fact that I can not read with it after dark without another light source. But I knew that before I bought it so it wasn’t a surprise. So now it is just waiting to see how many charges the battery will take before the battery dies & I have to hope that Sony will replace it for me without having to replace Io with whatever is new at the time.

At this current time, Io is being used for my ebook rentals (library), & those books that I keep having to re-buy cause I break the binding from reading them too much. For example, Outlander series, The Sword of Truth series, & Kushiel series. I think I have purchased the Outlander series in total about three times, cause I reread them so many times that the books fall apart. They just don’t make books that are over 1000 pages to stand up to reading.

I do not intend to ever stop buying books, to me, reading is not that pleasurable without the feel, smell, & look of an actual book. No EReader is ever going to replace that. Nothing replaces the feeling of opening a new book (even one that you haven’t read before) & seeing words that you haven’t read before & knowing that an amazing new world & story is waiting for you to come & join it. *Yes, I am weird & quirky. You should know this already.* If you are not a book lover you will not understand this feeling.