July 2010

I have finally gotten Mimi’s present page uploaded. But I haven’t really gotten started on it with my other two commission pieces that I picked up. But it is there […]

*Excuse the hoop lines, I haven’t had a chance to wash & iron the poor thing yet. Yep, this is the completed Britty Kitty design that Ashley asked for. Now […]

Yes, that can actually happen. I don’t know why people seem to think that when a man & a woman sleep in the same bed that sex has to be […]

Ashley decided that she wanted this little design stitched for her. So being the friend that I am I told her that I would be delighted to stitch it for […]

I know I said that I wouldn’t buy one, but I use my net book to read my EBooks at my house. Well, the Church hasn’t gotten Mom’s computer set […]

Well, I learned how to password a page, so I have added the new photos to Michelle’s 2010 Christmas Present. So now there is about 24 in there, but you […]