New Pages

I have finally gotten Mimi’s present page uploaded. But I haven’t really gotten started on it with my other two commission pieces that I picked up. But it is there & ready for me to upload pics too. I also loaded the other commission page called Cat’s In Charge Here which is for my mother’s … [Read more…]

Happy Dance

*Excuse the hoop lines, I haven’t had a chance to wash & iron the poor thing yet. Yep, this is the completed Britty Kitty design that Ashley asked for. Now all I need to do is wash & iron it to get the hoop lines out of the fabric. Then finish the letter & package … [Read more…]

Man + Woman + Bed = No Sex

Yes, that can actually happen. I don’t know why people seem to think that when a man & a woman sleep in the same bed that sex has to be involved. Give me a bloody break. I spend the night a Jock’s house all the time. Do I sleep in his bed? Yep, the man … [Read more…]

Ashley's Commission

Ashley decided that she wanted this little design stitched for her. So being the friend that I am I told her that I would be delighted to stitch it for her. Provided that I am not going to have the debacle that I had with Melly & Cristina. But that is a completely different thing. … [Read more…]

Meet Io

I know I said that I wouldn’t buy one, but I use my net book to read my EBooks at my house. Well, the Church hasn’t gotten Mom’s computer set up for the Internet & she needs to have access to the Internet. Well, the net book connects through the WIFI just fine & so … [Read more…]

Michelle & Mimi Presents

Well, I learned how to password a page, so I have added the new photos to Michelle’s 2010 Christmas Present. So now there is about 24 in there, but you have to know the password. If you want it, then comment here & as long as I don’t think you will give Michelle the password … [Read more…]