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OMG! Stash Alert

Well, you all know that I went on vacation. While I was there, my parents were sweet enough to take me to a wonderful cross stitching shop. The shop is in Blue Springs & it is called CC & Company. It is wonderful, the ladies that I dealt with were so sweet & nice. I got a ton of new charts that I just can’t wait to start. Though I am going to have to put a stop to my chart buying soon. I am getting too many. Wanna see? I haven’t even gotten these up dated on the “Owned Chart” page yet. But after getting my pages & site back up I gotta have some fun. So I thought that since I got the site up I would share my stash with you. I know that some of you don’t care, but that is the joy of this being my own site. I get to blog about whatever I want, hee hee. You all know I adore you.

SQUEAL! I finally got some Britty Kitty :luv: . Anyone that is on the LJ Community knows how much I have wanted these charts. Unfortunately, Cecilia’s Samplers doesn’t carry the charts. But CC & Company did. I am one of those stitches that want to see a new designer new to them charts before they buy them. When I saw them I fell head over heels & bought every one they had. My father found Spiritdancer for my mother & so that was bought for her along with Sitting Pretty. She saw Sitting Pretty in Tulsa but refused to pay the $20 for the chart. I honestly don’t know why she agreed to that price this time, lol. I am hoping that it is because that since I have been doing this for over two years now that I have shown that I have shown my hobby of choice. Fright Club & Dream Banner were my choices. My mother hates Fright Club but I saw it completed on the LJ Community & loved it. Halloween is my favorite holiday other then St. Patrick’s day. I don’t have all the Double Flips for the Dream banner, but I know that Cecilia’s Samplers will either have them or can get them for me. I just have to wait until I get some more money.

Overall, I spent almost $200 just in charts there. I even didn’t pick up ones that I wanted. There were some Kustom Krafts ones there that I was dying for, but I knew I could get them online so I didn’t pick them up. I will never have enough money for all the charts that I want & I am well aware of that. But I am seriously going to have to stop buying the charts & buckle down & work on the ones I have.

On that note, updates to this site are going to slow down quite a bit & my online life is going to slow down. I am going to have Dad kill the internet at home so I don’t have it to distract me. Then I am going to stitch my hands off at home. Maybe that way I can get faster. I am tired of having all these beautiful charts that I want to do then just to get sucked into the Internet. So I am going to kill it at home. Then once I get used to not having it around all the time then maybe I will bring it back. But in the mornings I can get a good three hours of stitching in & then another three hours at night. With six hours I should be able to turn out charts faster then I am now. Here is to hoping. :ohh:

To-Do List

Since the site crash, I have a million & one things to get back up & rolling. So I thought I would put them all out so I wouldn’t forget them, lol.

  1. Put the Galleries back up………………………………. 100% completed
  2. Put the pages back up…………………………………..100% completed
  3. Put the Owned Designs back up………………………..100% completed
  4. Put Americana & Pirate up for sale……………………..10% completed
  5. Fix my QBee Quilt to match this site……………………0% completed
  6. Fix the Book Suggestion pages for Pages………………5% completed
  7. Get the galleries on CBF done……………………………9% completed

I know that to most people this wouldn’t seem like a whole of things to do, but to me this is a huge list. LOL, so I guess I better buckle down & get things done. :worried:

Guess What!

I backup the database. I am a good girl & automatically upgrade the WP. Then after I do that, I go to my FTP to upload new pics & my bloody hand spasms & I accidentally delete my folder that contains my WP stuff. So I thought, ok. No big deal, I just re-install WP (the old one & then update it to the new 3.0). So that is what I did. Did it work? NOPE So now I am sitting here at the library, pissed off, & wanting to scream bloody murder at myself. So now instead of scooting along nice & smooth, I have to re-create my site from the ground up. So bear with me while I get everything back up & running.